Struggles of a Fat Person

If you are fat, read this. If you are not, still, read this. If you are a bully, read this. If you don’t care, read this.

To be honest, I am fat. Not much of a big deal eh? But let me share you what I experience with the fact that I am fat, the positive ones and the negative ones. This ones for everybody.

In every time I wake up, I have the struggle of waking up joyfuly because I can’t carry my body so I can’t just jump out of bed. It is really hard to wake up everymorning, because I am heavy and I have a large body, it keeps the bed warm and comfortable. I know that this doesn’t happen for a fat person alone, it almost happens to everybody.

When I walk through our subdivision, the guys that are hanging around always mocks me saying I’m super fat I look like a pig and it makes me cover my face in humiliation. It makes me want to punch their douche faces and tell them that I can still do better than them in a different aspect.

When I go to school, the uniform makes me lose my breathe, its too tight. So I hold in my stomach and pretend that it is super comfortable. When I enter the classroom and sit on my arm chair, i feel like Its better to sit on the floor than squeezing my body in this little chair. But ofcourse, I always keep it in.

When my friends aren’t in the same class with me, the other girls discriminate  me , they just take their selfies and wont let me join. If I ask them, it will only be one shot. When the boys are bored and they choose to pick on me, I always tell them to stay away and mind their own business.

When I go to the mall and find for clothes it takes me atleast 1 hour to find a comfortable and suitable one. Its not really hard to find a clothe of my size, whats hard for me is my shoes because I have a big foot. 

When its dinner time and the food is so delicious I can’t help but to grab and grab and  grab again I just can’t control myself.

When your own parents are the ones who mocks you, saying “ohh, I think your classmate is more beautiful and sexier than you” okay! I understand, I am ugly and fat. Why can’t you just accept it.

Whats to annoying is that, they mention everything that they see in your physical appearance, they don’t know or think whats happening inside your brain. Why don’t you put yourself in our situation? I just don’t understand why they have to make fun of you.

That’s it for todays blog, hope its relatable to you. Comment below what you experienced and what you think of this blog. PS: I know some of you had a worse experience than mine. 


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