When You Got stucked in a Situation where…. #1:

When you got stucked in a situation where you need to choose between your two bestfriends is like the most freaking worst situation you had ever experienced. 
Most of you must have multiples of bestfriends and sometimes you need to choose between the two of them, gosh girl/boy you are in a serious situation. Im not over reacting, thats a serious situation for me because what it matters to me the most is the emotions of my friends. Yeah, I will choose her but what about the other one? I think she’ll feel terrible if I choose the other one. But what should I do? 

What should I/you do? Guys this is just how I see things okay? I grew up, and now I know what to do during that situation. Me, I will honestly pick one, and yeah, I might have hurt the other one but ofcourse I know how to deal with that before I made my decision (tip #1: think before you speak ). If you are in this situation, you should approach that other friend you didn’t choose and explain why you didn’t choose him/her. Its better to let them understand how you feel about them rather than letting them think that you have something against them. In that way you can avoid awkwardness with each other. (Tip #2 : be honest) 

Thats all for thid blog guys, comment below what situation you want me to talk about. If this one helped, give it a thumbs up and go girl/ boy! 


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