Modernized Society of Teenagers

Computers. Internet. Facebook. Youtube. Tinder. Porn sites. Name them all, and you’ll see how technology became productive as years pass by. As a student, I noticed the effect of this modernized technology to us and YES, there’s a negative effect and a positive effect.

My mom told me a story once, when they were still young they never had computers or played games on the internet, they are most likely to be found at the garden or at the workplace to earn money for them to be able to study. She told me that their #1 goal is to finish studying and help their parents work.  Unlike in this generation, teenagers tend to spend their time at the computer shop, mall, with their friends and who knows where they kill their time. Yes, I admit, I also hang out with my friends, spend my time in the computer shop and spend my hours at the mall, its normal nowadays in this generation.

Negative effect of this modernized generation? There are a lot. There was a time I saw my classmate at the guidance office, its my classmate who didn’t go to school for like, one week and now he showed up in front of the guidance councilor. It turned out that,  our school admins searched all of the computer shops near the school and they found him wearing the uniform of our school. His parents probably thought that he was going to school but no, he’s spending his school time at the computer shop. At the end of the semester, our teacher announced those students who has the high possibility to repeat and fail and ofcourse, he was one of them. See? What these computer can do to a student like me. It has its games which can be addicted, that makes your fingers crave the keyboard and the mouse.

The positive effect? Oh, I could only think of one effect, its the knowledge that we share from the whole wide world. Internet is about connecting to other people globaly or localy, and its where the sharing begins.


#1: Hey there!

#2: Hi πŸ˜€

#1: Where are you from?

#2: I’m from the Philippines, how about you?

#1: Great! I’m from Australia. Oh, I heard that your country have so many islands!

#2: Well, that’s true. We have about 7000 islands here. You should visit our country.

#1: Ohh, that quite a lot. Hmm, actually, my family planned to have a vacation there at your country. I’m really looking forward to it.

#2: That’s great! there are many tourist spots around here I assure you. The people here are kind and humble. 

#1: Thats totally a good news. πŸ™‚ Nice chatting with you.

See? Knowledge. There are additional informations we can get from each other. Its actually good to meet new people so that we know the differences of peoples behaviors and attitudes. As a student, I also use the internet to help me with my assignment and projects.


That’s all for today’s blog. This is my first blog and I’m looking forward to improving my skills and for bringing you informations, observations and such. Bye πŸ˜€ ❀


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